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Info about Dengue

The dengue virus in one of five serotypes is the cause of dengue fever.

It is a mosquito-borne single positive-stranded RNA virus of the family Flaviviridae; genus Flavivirus. All four serotypes can cause the full spectrum of disease.


Up comming event

June 7-13, 2015

Vascular Nurses Week is June 7-13, 2015. This year SVN has launched its Dare to Make a Difference Campaign in conjunction with this special event. The campaign focus is to promote vascular nursing, enhance the profession and celebrate the work that you do.

Commit to the campaign by submitting a personal pledge statement surrounding one thing you hope to accomplish to advance the work of vascular nursing to Ana Myers at


TN Government


This is a lofty Insurance Scheme launched by the Tamil Nadu State Government through the United India Insurance Company Ltd (a Public Sector Insurer headquartered at Chennai) to provide free medical and surgical treatment in Government and Private hospitals to the members of any family whose annual family income is less than Rs.72,000/- (as certified by the Village Administrative Officers).

The Scheme provides coverage for meeting all expenses relating to hospitalization of beneficiary as defined in the Scope of the Scheme.


History of Indian medical Association - Tamil Nadu


The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Tamilnadu is a voluntary organization, representing the entire spectrum of the modern allopathic medicine and its specialties in our State. The organization was started in the year 1940, by a band of dedicated doctors who ever deeply committed in upholding the dignity of the medical profession and also in the improvement of the quality of the medical service to the people of Tamilnadu especially to the poor.

The doctors hailing from Chennai City, (formerly Madras) and from the rural districts of Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, Vellore, Salem and Tirunelveli, took an active part in building up the Tamilnadu IMA. Several State Presidents and Secretaries of IMA TNSB belonged to these districts





Galaxy Hospitals is committed to excellence and quality and has established a reputation for offering the very best in private health care services to our community. We provide the highest standard of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of specialties by top doctors and surgeons. Galaxy Hospitals is well equipped and provides the highest level of medical & surgical service for both children and adults. The hospital utilizes sophisticated technology for diagnosis and therapeutic purpose manned by specialist doctors and trained technicians.